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Palm Beach Marine aquarium Society is an educational society dedicated to the conservation of our ocean reefs. Through an open exchange of ideas and information, we are able to expand our knowledge and ability to care for the inhabitants of our aquarium systems. By encouraging propagation we help to reduce the demand for wild caught specimens and do our part to encourage conservation and preservation of our natural reefs.

The purpose of the Palm beach marine aquarium society is: To promote interest in and enjoyment of all aspects of marine aquariums and reef keeping, To educate our members and the public on topics related to the reef, and our need for oceans conservation. To provide a forum for sharing resources and information among local aquarium enthusiasts. To support research, education, conservation and responsible reef keeping.

When you become a paid member of PBMAS you get exclusive club discounts to local fish stores as well as other Internet based stores. Here is a list of paid member benefits:

  • Everyday discounts at the majority of local fish stores in Palm Beach and St. Lucie Counties ranging from 10 to 20% off various live stock, and some dry goods.
  • Free entrance to PBMAS and FMAS frag swaps
  • Free half table for selling at the PBMAS frag swaps
  • Free entrance to PBMAS events such as the spring picnic, fish bowls, guest speakers
  • Free dinner for you at the end of the year Christmas party held at a local restaurant
  • Additional discounts at LFS membership drives from 20 to 30% off
  • Free use of the clubs par meter
  • Various reef and fish related books available for checkout to paid members
  • Discounted rates for entering grow out competitions
  • Free passes to the South Florida Fair for PBMAS volunteers
  • Voting and running for PBMAS officers

Why wouldn’t you wanna support the club to help pay to maintain this site and help promote the sharing of information about this great hobby that we all enjoy?

Click here to become a paid member of PBMAS now!

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