Do you remove tomato seeds for sauce?

If you’re making a fresh tomato sauce or stewed tomatoes, the tomatoes should be peeled, cored, and seeded. The result will be a smoother sauce without any seeds, core, or peel in it. Why remove seeds from tomatoes, Do tomato seeds make sauce bitter, Can you leave seeds in tomato sauce, Should I remove tomato seeds, How to get seeds out of tomato sauce, Why peel tomatoes for sauce, Tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes, Italian tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes

Are bowfin good eating fish?

Several anglers consider them trash fish and not good enough for a table fare, but they can be quite tasty if prepared in the right manner. Most of the time, anglers go after this fish only for sport as it is not the most popular fish to eat. Are bowfin and dogfish the same, Are bowfin good for lakes, How to cook bowfin fish, What does bowfin taste like, Are bowfin fish invasive, Biggest bowfin ever caught

Is pokeweed safe to eat?

Pokeweed – a green that’s toxic if prepared incorrectly – has been eaten throughout the American South, and could be having a renaissance thanks to the local foraging movement. I touched pokeweed with bare hands, How to eat pokeweed, How much pokeweed will kill you, Pokeweed look-alikes, Is pokeweed poisonous to touch, Pokeweed cancer, Symptoms of pokeweed poisoning

Is squid part of shellfish allergy?

Shellfish allergy is an atypical response by the body’s immune system to proteins in certain marine animals. Marine animals in the shellfish category include crustaceans and mollusks. Examples are shrimp, crabs, lobster, squid, oysters, scallops and snails. Shellfish is a common food allergy Can you be allergic to lobster but not shrimp, Is squid shellfish allergy, Shellfish allergy list, Is octopus a shellfish, Drugs to avoid with shellfish allergy, Shellfish allergy symptoms, What causes shellfish allergy, Sudden shellfish allergy

What is 1.5 lb in lbs and oz?

Lbs to Lbs and Ounces Conversion Table0.1 lbs =1.6 oz3.2 oz1.3 lbs =1 lbs 4.8 oz1 lbs 6.4 oz1.5 lbs =1 lbs 8 oz1 lbs 9.6 oz1.7 lbs =1 lbs 11.2 oz1 lbs 12.8 oz1.9 lbs =1 lbs 14.4 oz2 lbs Pounds and ounces calculator, 7.8 lbs to lbs and oz, 8.8 lbs to lbs and oz, 7.7 lbs to lbs and oz, 7.6 lbs to lbs and oz, Grams to pounds and ounces, 1.5 lbs to oz, 6.8 lbs to lbs and oz

What did British people call whipped cream?

squirty creamAnd the answer is… In the UK, whipped cream is known as “squirty cream”. What do British people call cigarettes, What do British people call biscuits, What do British people call cars, What do British people call soda, What is squirty cream, What do British people call chips, Canned whipped cream UK

Is swai fish clean or unclean?

uncleanDue to the inconsistent quality of Vietnamese-imported fish, such as swai fish, they are often considered “unclean” and raise a number of health concerns. The swai fish (Basa) is native to Vietnam and mostly imported to the United States. It is quite popular as it is cheap, has a mild taste, and is versatile to cook. What kind of fish is swai, Why is swai fish bad for you, Is swai fish kosher, Swai fish vs tilapia, Is swai fish safe to eat, Does swai fish have fins and scales, Swai fish benefits, Is swai fish high in purines

What is the largest lobster ever caught?

44 pounds and 6 ouncesThe largest lobster ever caught weighed a whopping 44 pounds and 6 ounces! This lobster was an astonishing catch made in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1977. This enormous crustacean was around 100 years old according to the Maine Department of Marine Resources! Oldest lobster ever, Largest lobster ever caught 1977, How big can lobsters get, 44 lb largest lobster, Biggest lobster price

Is whisky and rye the same thing?

Rye whiskey is a type of whiskey made with a majority of the grain rye. This term refers to either American rye whiskey, made of at least 51% rye mash, or Canadian whisky, which may or may not contain rye Difference between whiskey and bourbon, Difference between Scotch and whiskey, What is Scotch made from, Types of whiskey, Rye vs Scotch, Best rye whiskey, What is rye whiskey made from, Rye vs bourbon

What mm crochet hook is J?

6.00 mmCrochet hook sizes: General informationMETRICUS4.50 mmG/75.00 mmH/85.50 mmI/96.00 mmJ/10 Size I crochet hook in mm, Size H crochet hook in mm, K crochet hook in mm, G crochet hook in mm, F crochet hook in mm, Size J crochet hook, Size G crochet hook

What is African savannah?

The African savanna ecosystem is a tropical grassland with warm temperatures year round and seasonal rainfall. The savanna is characterized by grasses and small or dispersed trees, along with a diverse community of organisms that interact to form a complex food web. African savanna animals, Savannah meaning, African savanna climate, 5 characteristics of savanna, Where is the savanna located, Savanna biome, Savanna or savannah, Savanna plants

What is the difference in poultry and fowl?

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary gives the definition of fowl as “a bird that is kept for its meat and eggs, for example a chicken.” Poultry is defined by the same dictionary as “chickens, ducks and geese, kept for its meat and eggs.” “Poultry” is a term used for any kind of domesticated bird, captive-raised … What is fowl, What is fowl meat, What is fowl chicken, Types of fowl, Are ducks fowl, Poultry vs meat, Chicken fowl meat, Chicken fowl curry